July 2019
Created by
RY X and
Frank Wiedemann
Trampe Brüssow

Car/Camper Van

A subject which has always been close to our heart is the respect and love for nature and the surrounding community. We need to exonerate the grounds which is why we regulate the numbers of cars by limiting the parking space to the necessary minimum and giving out only a small amount of car passes.

Please note that you can only park on the official parking grounds. Not on the camping grounds and not in any of the villages close by. We kindly ask you to consider travelling with the train & shuttle busses which is friendlier for the environment, cheaper and even more comfy as busses will take you right to the festival check-in.

For everyone arriving by camper van, the camper van pass allows you to park on the camping site. You can buy camper van passes here.

Car passes are available here.

Arrival by car or caravan is only possible via B168 from Fürstenwalde/Spree > Friedland > Chossewitz. All other access roads to Sacred Ground Festival are blocked.