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August 2022
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Sacred Ground operates on a cashless system for all transactions. To make things as easy as possible, you will be abSacred Ground operates on a cashless system for all transactions which means: whatever you buy at our bars or food stalls you pay with the chip on your festival wristband.

By purchasing a top-up voucher on this site you won’t even have to bring any cash or payment cards to festival grounds. Vouchers can be activated and transferred onto your wristband at our top-up station at the festival.

Cashless refunds are still possible via this link. At the moment we need about 4-6 weeks to process the payments.



The festival will only be able to operate under the current Covid-19 regulations valid in the federal state of Brandenburg.

Currently (June 22nd) Sacred Ground Festival is able to take place without any restrictions and everyone is invited and welcome to join the festival.

However, as soon as regulations are enforced, a return to the previous 2G regulation is possible. We will let you know via our communication channels if any changes to the situation are applying.

We encourage every visitor to make an antigen-test prior to the event and only to arrive with a negative Covid test result. Please always consider the safety and personal health of other visitors and act responsibly should you have any symptoms.

Also we want to make you aware that also artists & their crews can be affected by Covid which led to short-term cancellations of shows in the past and will also happen in the future. We hope every invited artist will be able to play at Sacred Ground this summer as planned. However please have in mind that short-term cancellations are able to happen at any moment. Thanks for your understanding!



Please try to avoid waste wherever possible and always keep in mind you are in the midst of nature. It is obligatory to get a garbage bag for a deposit of 5€. These will be refunded upon filled return.

No fire

The area is very sensitive to fire, especially in the summer, where a spark can easily cause a wildfire.

Code of conduct

Sacred Ground Festival has and will always be a place of love & respect for nature and humanity. We are an inclusive and open minded festival, that doesn’t tolerate any forms of discriminating behavior. This is not limited to behavior, but any people wearing clothes connected to inhuman, sexist, racist, homophobic or right-wing will be immediately thrown out of the festival with no right for a refund.


Private drinks and food are allowed on the camping grounds but not on the festival grounds. BBQs and open fire are forbidden at any time! Water refill stations are available on site.


No dangerous objects, fireworks, selfie sticks, bluetooth speakers, drugs, (fire)arms, pets. Please use your common sense and do not bring anything along which might cause damage or harm to the people, nature or the property of the people living around.


Location map


Please be careful and only swim sober. Swimming is at your own risk.

Showers & Restrooms

You have access to showers and toilets on the camping site.

Tent rental

If you won’t be able to bring your own tent, you don’t have to worry! Our friends from DOMO CAMP will be joining us with their variety of tents and will set everything up for you before you arrive.


Camping below clearest night skies is included in the ticket. It is obligatory though to get a garbage bag for a deposit of 5€. These will be refunded upon filled return. Please remember to bring your own flashlights and water to the camping area. Please don’t bring any bluetooth or amplified speakers to the camping ground and respect your neighbours. Also keep in mind that only a limited amount of camper vans are welcomed on the camping site as we need to exonerate the grounds. You can buy the camper van pass here. Cars need to be parked at the dedicated parking lot.

Why a new location?

We have found a beautiful new home in the middle of nature connected to a lake and surrounded by a forest. We are excited to share this new chapter with you and look forward to the different experiences we can explore together at this magical spot.

However, the move was not entirely motivated by its beauty, but also because of practicability in terms of improved circumstances regarding the production. Sacred Ground has and will always be a concept that is driven by the heart and not by motivation of profitability. Since its beginning, Sacred Ground Festival has been financially supported and made possible through the team of Z|ART Agency that organizes and produces concerts and tours of international artists in Germany. The pandemic has had a massive impact on the whol


If you are a holder of a severely disabled card “B”, then the person who is accompanying you will have free access to the festival. You will need to get in touch with us via ahead of time so that we can issue the proper ticket.

We will have toilets and car parking which are wheelchair accessible at the festival. But please be aware that the festival grounds are in the middle of nature and there are no paved paths throughout the festival site.



Sacred Ground is a gathering where guests, artists, high-quality food and drinks, as well as a lush and comfortable surrounding are the main focus.

We offer a fondly curated mindfulness program filled with a variety of body work classes, talks and yoga as well as a team of amazing massage therapists. We have something for all levels and interests, enabling everyone to discover and deepen their realm of themselves and their surroundings with insightful and lasting experiences. Relax and refresh at the tea and juice bar, take your body and mind to a place of serenity and growth before moving into the energy of the festival.

The MINDFULNESS schedule will be announced soon!



A subject which has always been close to our heart is the respect and love for nature and the surrounding community. We need to exonerate the grounds which is why we regulate the numbers of cars by limiting the parking space to the necessary minimum and giving out only a small amount of car passes. Please note that you can only park on the official parking grounds and not on the camping grounds. You can buy the car passes here.

Cars used for camping or cars with trailers are treated as camper vans and therefor need to have a camper van pass.


2020 camper-van/car/shuttle-tickets

Unfortunately we are not able to swap your 2020 camper-van, car or shuttle passes due to the changed logistics in connection to our new location. However we will compensate the respective values as a charge-up on our cashless payment system on site.

Is my 2020 ticket still valid?

Yes, the tickets bought for the 2020 festival remain valid for the 2022 festival edition but they are not transferable to other people.

We salute you for the support and look forward to welcoming you at the future gates of next year’s gathering. You won’t need to swap tickets, there will be no extra costs and camping is still included.If you have further questions to your ticket or need a refund, then please get in contact with us through


Tickets are available via our ticketing partner DICE or via Z|ART Tickets.


Travel map

In order to make your arrivals and departures as smooth as possible we’ve gathered different options on how to get to and from the festival, preferably affordable & eco conscious.


When departing Berlin, get on the highway A12 towards Frankfurt (Oder). Leave the autobahn once you reach Fürstenwalde Ost and follow the route B168 to Beeskow until you arrive at Friedland. 

When driving past Friedland, you will have to turn left to L43 (towards Weichensdorf), and when passing Weichensdorf, go left to Chossewitz. At the end of Chossewitz, you will locate the official SGF parking space!

IMPORTANT: The SGF parking space is 500m away from the actual festival area. There is NO parking allowed in any other area, and there is NO baggage drop-off option available next to the camping.


In Berlin, take the RE1 train until Frankfurt (Oder). Once you arrived there, switch to RB36 (Direction of Zensdorf) to Grunow (Niederlausitz). From there, an SGF shuttle will bring people to the festival area. If you want to have this service available to you, please book a shuttle time slot in advance via the ticketing section of our website. 

⏰ The shuttle schedule is:

Thursday | 12:00-20:00

Friday | 10:00-20:00

Saturday | 08:30-15:30

Sunday | 10:00-18:30

Car/Camper Van

A subject which has always been close to our heart is the respect and love for nature and the surrounding community. We need to exonerate the grounds which is why we regulate the numbers of cars by limiting the parking space to the necessary minimum and giving out only a small amount of car passes.

Please note that you can only park on the official parking grounds. Not on the camping grounds and not in any of the villages close by. We kindly ask you to consider travelling with the train & shuttle busses which is friendlier for the environment, cheaper and even more comfy as busses will take you right to the festival check-in.

For everyone arriving by camper van, the camper van pass allows you to park on the camping site. You can buy camper van passes here.

Car passes are available here.

Arrival by car or caravan is only possible via B168 from Fürstenwalde/Spree > Friedland > Chossewitz. All other access roads to Sacred Ground Festival are blocked.


From the train station in Grunow (Niederlausitz) shuttle busses are operating frequently to take you to Sacred Ground and also back to Grunow for departure.

Tickets are valid for both your travel to Sacred Ground and also your safe trip back home. Book a timeslot for your personal lifts Thursday & Sunday or Friday & Sunday.

Shuttle schedule Thursday: 12:00-20:00

Shuttle schedule Friday: 10:00-20:00

Shuttle schedule Saturday: 08:30-15:30

Shuttle schedule Sunday: 10:00-18:30


Berlin (Central Station or Ostkreuz) <-> Grunow (Niederlausitz)

There are trains going between Berlin (Central or Ostkreuz) and the closest train station Grunow (Niederlausitz) every hour.

We recommend the new monthly 9-Euro-Ticket public transport ticket or cheap Berlin/Brandenburg group tickets that are available here.

From Grunow you are able to take one of our shuttle busses (more information via Shuttle). Going by bike isn’t a bad idea either and shouldn’t take you longer than half an hour.



Without the kind help of volunteers this gathering would never be possible or wouldn’t have the same vibe. If you are interested in getting involved feel always free to get in touch with us here. All help is welcomed, and we have a variety of areas in which you can support. This could be for the process of building the festival ahead of the actual gathering, on the weekend or afterwards. Everyone has different strengths which can be a helpful in all areas of the festival. We look forward to having you join the Sacred Ground family.

Please note that we won’t be able to get back to you until one month prior event. Thanks for your patience!