Sacred Ground Festival



Trampe 9 – 17326 Brüssow

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In order to make your arrivals and departures as smooth as possible we’ve gathered different options how to get to and from the Festival, preferably affordable & ecoconscious.

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Berlin → Prenzlau

Train connections

The closest train station is Prenzlau Hbf.
There are direct trains running from Berlin Hbf to Penzlau about every hour.
Get together! Cheap group tickets are available here: ↗


Sacred Ground ⇔ Prenzlau Hbf


We want to make your escape from the inner city hustle as comfortable as possible. Therefore we arranged Shuttles bringing you to and from Sacred Ground to the nearest train station Prenzlau. We have timed the shuttles with the arrivals and departures of the direct trains running to and from Berlin Hbf.


They see me rollin’

By Car

Just follow your heart… and your navi!


Trampe 9
17326 Brüssow

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But remember – sharing is caring!
Don’t be shy use our partner’s Fahrfahraway car sharing service.


Share your ride


Say hi to our friends from Fahrfahraway ↗. On this site you can find and offer rides to the Sacred Ground Festival and, of course, back home. The service is for free. Join the crowd – also for the sake of the environment. Have a safe & good journey together.