Sacred Ground Festival


Sacred Ground is a gathering where guests, artists, high-quality food and drinks, as well as a lush and comfortable surrounding are at the center.

Having found Sacred Ground and having set up your base at the beautiful camp site you can start your journey apart from the music to experience regional specialties and culinary highlights. Making sure you get the full Trampe experience use one of our garden showers set in the idyllic gardens of the inhabitants or jump in one of the refreshing lakes nearby. To top off your weekend take some time for a relaxing massage.

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Sleeping under the stars


Camping below clearest nightskies beneath the vast cornfields is included in the ticket. It is obligatory though to get a garbage bag for a deposit of 5,– EUR. These will be refunded upon filled return. Please remember to bring your own flashlights and water to the camping area.

Your cars and camper vans are also welcome on the camping site. The opening hours for the campsite and parking are:

Friday, July 21st – 13:00


Monday, July 24st – 11:00


A little bit of luxury

Tent Rental

If you won’t be able to bring your own tent, you don’t have to worry!

Our friends from Zeltheld will be joining us again with their variety of tents as well as any accessories you might need. If you decide to rent a tent, Zeltheld will set everything up for you before you arrive. ↗


Delicious goods

Food & Specials


We have two food stalls run by Anna-Maria & Klaus who are dedicated to providing delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes.


Our own run BBQ stand is back this year. Offering you locally sourced Bratwurst and corncobs topped with melted butter will be freshly served from the barbecue.


Embracing the artisanal tradition of brewing to Berlin and Germany, Berliner Berg started two years ago combining German high quality brewing processes and traditions with the sparkling creativity of the Craft Beer movement.


Black Magic Brunch is a pop-up concept brought to life one year ago. They will be offering their signature fluffy buttermilk pancakes and spicy quesadillas.


The Café is set in a beautiful herb garden and will offer everything one desires, from freshly baked cakes to delicious coffee.


Everything here is about cheese. As of last year our friends from Cheesus will be serving you original Swiss Raclette and other treasures! They will surprise you with meat, vegetarian and breakfast options.


The Berlin based restaurant represents the Austrian tradition & hospitality and enthuses Berliners and people from all over the world with selected, fresh & high quality products of the Austrian cuisine.


Since 2017 Father and Daughter put all their passion and creativity into a tasty bread. Best local ingredients, direct trade with local farmers and producers and their electric Food Truck build the heart of their project.


A fresh new startup from Berlin that is on a mission to bring you the freshest smoothies and nomilkshakes. With 100% organic ingredients picked at peak maturity and flash frozen to maintain their farm-fresh nutrient density.


Relax and let go

Massage & Yoga

After a long night of dancing and celebrating with the Sacred Ground family you have the possibility to reenergize with a relaxing and revitalizing massage treatment or to practice some energy yoga. Energy yoga focuses on supporting the energetic – or subtle body. Relax, unwind, let go and integrate the beautiful energies of the cosmos.


Friday: 6 pm
Saturday: 10:30 am / 12:00 pm
Sunday: 10:30 am / 12:00 pm


Garden showers & restrooms


You will have the wonderful opportunity to refresh at one of the inhabitants beautiful garden showers. Keep an eye out for the signs leading to the different gardens.

Just because you will be in a festival setting it does not mean you need to give up on clean restrooms. In addition to the portable bathrooms we have upgraded our restroom facilities with professional toilet trailers which will be cleaned and taken care of throughout the festival.