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Sacred Ground 2018

Toto Chiavetta

Toto was born in Catania in a family where music surely was not at its centre. Moreover, he was raised in a city, with one radio station, uninspi- rational music and no close djs to look up to.
He started collecting music at a young age, djing a few years later and finally producing with very basic, rudimentry equipment, at the age of fourteen.

By the 1998, Toto had the opportunity to open parties for many of the most famous house music djs in the world and play different venues. He is now a well-known and truly respected dj, who, since 2012, per- forms internationally on a constant basis. His dj set are much appreciated for the deep, organic, and techno influences. Toto Chiavetta’s music appears on Innervisions, Yoruba, Ibadan, Defected, Soul Heaven, and AtJazz Record Company.