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Sacred Ground 2018

Perel (Hybrid)

Perel Hybrid

Perel immersed herself in the Berlin club scene and became a staple in the city’s club scene. These days, she can be found both playing DJ sets at internationally acclaimed clubs like :// about:blank while also forging connections with Oslo’s Jæger or Bossa Nova Civic Club in New York and delivering a slew of internationally acclaimed mixes that have also caught the attention of Tim Sweeney who invited her in his studio to round o 2016 in his Beats In Space radio show. Perel’s extensive sets are informed by a lush and harmonically rich sound that can be heard in her own productions as well, seamlessly blending Disco and House with belting Techno. She aims to take her
crowd on an extensive trip with unforeseen twists and open endings.

Perel’s XXX EP will be released in July, preceding her first full-length album for DFA records.