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Sacred Ground 2018


Gunjah’s ability is what it always was, a dedication to music. With his rejection of rigid ideas about electronic effects he has set his target at producing something sustainable, something that’s truly authentic. Solid work, in other words, rather than something that’s motivated by a quick fix. Gunjah sees sees that pleasure can only result when there’s passion mixed in with it from the start. 

For Gunjah the producer, meditation is an essential condition for being taken seriously rather than a weakness. An end product that is effortless, but one that demonstrates effort in the process. This 90s techno kid has stretched himself to create something that isn’t some kind of ephemeral music churned out at the delusional whim of the producer. His experience as a DJ has always made him endeavour to leap over a forced and naive desire for fame to create music that brings feet to the dance floor. 

His approach is something precise that has only come about through endless experimentation. He is always driven to come up with innovative ideas that motivate everyone while giving lacklustre nonsense the cold shoulder. In his albums he creates a durable electronic body of work according to his own benchmark. Stability in sound, ease in communicating it, and joy in applying it all in a constructive way. Gunjah!