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Sacred Ground 2018

Gigi Masin

Born in Venice, Italy in 1955 he’s in the music scene since early 70’s. Pioneer of the italian generation of radio DJs on FM radio stations and of the ‘ambient’ and electronic music scene, he’s considered a forerunner of the ‘turntablism’ in using turntables to performing with vinyls, mixers, live electronics and tape-loops on stages, theatres and for the national radio.

Dramas director and music producer, his first solo album is ‘Wind’ published in 1986. Then, “Les Nouvelles Musiques Du Chambre” with Charles Hayward for belgian label Sub Rosa (1989), “Wind Collector” (1991), “Lontano” (2001) and “Moltitudine In Labirinto” (2003) for Ants Records. He recorded ‘The Last DJ’ (2008) and ‘InfanThree’ (2010) for Italian netlabel Laverna, and realised a series of art videos with photographer and illustrator Luis Filipe Cunha.
Many artists and DJs sampled or covered his music. Among the others To Rococo Rot (‘Die Dinge Des Lebens’), Bjork (‘It’s In Our Hands’), Nujabes (‘Latitude’ and ‘Mystline’), Main Attrakionz (‘Church’), Dusty Residents (‘All That I’ve Got’) and Friendzone, Moomin, Revelse, Locky-Stocky, DJ Ezasscul, Cahb, Perfect Keys to name a few.

Gigi Masin keeps, through the decades, being a constant of unique sound integrity in the contemporary music scene.