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Sacred Ground 2018

Dapayk & Padberg


Since 2003, Eva Padberg and Niklas Worgt have been releasing music best described as a mixture of Minimal, Tech House and Pop. Their Debut LP “Close Up” became an overnight sensation in the underground Techno scene, showcasing their fresh sound of velvet soft-rocking vocals and raw-plastic beats. In 2013, with the release of their third album “Smoke”, for the first time, they shied away from the dance floor and created new soundscapes composed of electronica, dubstep, catchy pop elements, classical strings, and an almost songwriter intimacy. Dapayk & Padberg’s fifth studio LP “Harbour” (2017), the pair’s sound follows on from ‘Smoke’, incorporating modern electronica and clear song structures that unite with a curiosity and an eagerness to experiment. Dapayk & Padberg tread harmonious new ways, where one immediately feels at home.