Tickets are highly limited
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12 — 14
July 2019
Curated by
RY X and
Frank Wiedemann
Trampe Brüssow


Sacred Ground is a gathering where guests, artists, high-quality food and drinks, as well as a lush and comfortable surrounding are the main focus.

After having found Sacred Ground and setting up your base at the beautiful campsite you can start your journey. Make sure you get the full Trampe experience use one of our garden showers set in the idyllic gardens of the inhabitants or jump in one of the refreshing lakes nearby. To top off your weekend take some time for a relaxing massage.


Parking · Camping · Tent Rental · Massage & Yoga · Facilities


A subject which has always been close to our heart is the respect and love for nature and the surrounding community. We need to exonerate the grounds which is why we regulate the numbers of cars by limiting the parking space and giving out only a small amount of car passes. You can buy the car passes here. Please note that you can only park on the official parking grounds and not on the camping grounds. We also offer commuting and shuttle rides that are way more sustainable and environmental-friendly anyways. The busses will leave regularly from and to Prenzlau.


Camping below clearest night skies beneath the vast cornfields is included in the ticket. It is obligatory though to get a garbage bag for a deposit of 5€. These will be refunded upon filled return. Please remember to bring your own flashlights and water to the camping area. Please keep in mind that only a limited amount of camper vans are welcomed on the camping site as we need to exonerate the grounds. You can buy the camper van pass here. Cars need to be parked at the dedicated parking lot.


If you won’t be able to bring your own tent, you don’t have to worry! Our friends from Zeltheld and DOMO CAMP will be joining us with their variety of tents as well as any accessories you might need. If you decide to rent a tent, Zeltheld & DOMO CAMP will set everything up for you before you arrive.


After a long night of dancing and celebrating with the Sacred Ground family you have the possibility to reenergize with a relaxing and revitalizing massage treatment or to practice some energy yoga. Energy yoga focuses on supporting the energetic or subtle body. Relax, unwind, let go and integrate the beautiful energies of the cosmos. If you don’t enjoy to have your feet in the grass, feel free to bring your own yoga mat.

The YOGA SCHEDULE will be announced soon!


You will have the wonderful opportunity to refresh at one of the inhabitants beautiful garden showers. Keep an eye out for the signs leading to the different gardens. Just because you will be in a festival setting it does not mean you need to give up on clean restrooms. In addition to the portable bathrooms we have professional toilet trailer which will be cleaned and taken care of throughout the festival.