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12 — 14
July 2019
Curated by
RY X and
Frank Wiedemann
Trampe Brüssow


Saturday, 13th
Main Stage

New Hook – as in not playing the same old tunes that we have heard for years – let’s make so- mething NEW! Let’s HOOK up the plug! Let’s be bonkers by disregarding the same old rules of be- haviour, the business of painting by numbers, well-intentioned advise. Let’s do things our own way … New Hook is an invitation to hook up all people out there who feel it … Feel what? Love, of course, the passion, the true friendship, the spirit of doing-it-yourself, the joy of experimentation. Admitted- ly, this might sound like empty slogans that turn up all the time. But these empty slogans can be turned into burning creative inspiration when New Hook’s three women produced their songs out of it. The music Linda, Juliane and Ilka have already generated together gives the feeling that these three women are forming musical sisterhood! While today it might sound like the re-running of Wave/Postpunk, it can be turned into synthie-pop tomorrow and into something completely diffe- rent thereafter. And this is precisely the way we want it! The music is only the beginning. New Hook is something more! New Hook stands for interdisciplinary cooperation which allows wide diversity of artistic expression – with an alert eye, critical spirit, a declaration of love and as an alliance which should grow with every dancefloor that is put into turmoil.