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12 — 14
July 2019
Curated by
RY X and
Frank Wiedemann
Trampe Brüssow


12 — 14 JULY 2019


Set in the idyllic countryside just north of Berlin, Sacred Ground’s free-spirited ethos combined with renowned international DJs, Bands and Live Artists is transforming the idea of what a music festival can be. Dedicated to life’s true pleasures, nature, art, food, and with a line up boasting Ry X and Frank Wiedemann — Sacred Ground will again be a special and intimate happening summer.


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With a limited amount of tickets, this exclusive festival puts aside brand sponsorships, backstage and VIP guest area to prioritize the experience of the festival goer above all else. Producing a truly open, intimate and transformative experience — allowing everyone to enjoy the lush ambient area, circus tent and herb garden café, dance under the stars and enjoy the DJs playing until sun comes up.

Sacred Ground will open its premises on Friday, July 12, 5 pm. After a full weekend of music, art & spirit, we will gently fade out and release you back into the world on Sunday, July 14. The timetable of the performances won’t be released, leaving space for surprises, collaborations and improvisations.



Though they come from quite opposite ends of the spectrum, there’s a tangible sense of understanding and appreciation between singer / producer / cult artist Ry X and producer / live electronic artist / label owner Frank Wiedemann. This is what makes the range of artists playing Sacred Ground so interesting.

“Sacred Ground was born because we wanted to create an intimate space outside of city streets where art and music are the focus alongside of an environment supporting closeness between people. Our friends will share their music, we will share music, and more artists we love may come and go from stages and crowds. The goal is only that we all return home after Sacred Ground full in heart and lungs from the time together.”



Located in the Uckermark — a landscape famous for its beauty and stunning lakes — for three days Sacred Ground transforms the historic village of Trampe into a heady pleasure dome. A place where even the villagers get involved by giving over their gardens, manning the food stalls and helping to foster an unparalleled atmosphere of togetherness.



Hosted on a private one-hundred-year old farm, we have one main stage giving full attention to each artist and our circus tent opens its gates after the main stage closes, where you can dance until the sun rises. The ambient area is being taken care of by specially selected live and ambient DJs and this year we will also be opening the church for special acoustic shows.